I’ve missed so much of the year

i can’t believe it’s June already. 
This year so far:















































































Queens birthday weekend

Jezzine barracks    

Castle hill  

Playing hide and seek at Kissing Point  

Jezzine barracks              Xavier my fox    It’s a bit chilly  big boy bed  castle hill at night  soccer       Cheeky smiles

Rearranging furniture

I don’t  know about you, but my house rarely stays the same on a weekly basis. 
Yesterday I moved around the dining area- to make my little buffet back into a coffee station, clearing up some bench space. How long it will stay like this- I have no idea!
Interestingly enough, my husband hates change, so he just pretends he doesn’t see it 😁
 I swapped around the toy shelves and buffet- made the coffee bar, moved the big flower picture.   
    Swapped the DVD shelf and sewing machine ( they were the other way before). I need to rehang a picture on the hook here.  This is the other end of the family/dining area. Needs bar stools etc. we will get there. 

I’m here

Im here with my crazy ,busy life. I will update I promise!
Tonight we went for dinner on the strand. And didn’t take photos at all! It was windy, overcast and unseasonably chilly. But fish and chips at the beach always leaves you feeling refreshed. 

And we *finally* got the car back. It’s so good to fit in one car again.  


This is what happens

On the weekends at our house. It’s noisy, it’s chaotic, it’s always busy and its full of love and laughter. Am I insane? Yes I think so!

Friday night Zoe stayed at Mikis. Miss T and I sat up reading until waaaay too late. Kalyb played some Xbox and babies were in bed late too.

Saturday- Valentine’s Day. Baking, cleaning, taking Z to rowing ( which was cancelled), visiting friends so the kids could play, and 7 teenage girls in my lounge room.

Ariana als

Sunday morning- so far Zoe is cooking pancakes and girls are waking up. The 2 boy childs are still asleep.

We have- rowing ( if it’s on), a tip run, maybe moving some furniture, general tidying and getting ready for school tomorrow.