Im really loving the holidays. Except for the fact that I haven’t made it to the gym so far this week. I won’t tomorrow or Thursday as we have all the fun court stuff to attend ( of course while hubby is away)

Yesterday we went to Dan Gleeson gardens, and ran into James Tamou! Now if you aren’t sure who he is- google! He was lovely, nice to have a chat to a huge footy star about his kids!

Lex and Ana went shopping to buy some scrapbooks and new pencils, they are going to draw daddy a picture every day ( and we will journal) about all the fun things they have done.

Lex loves drawing- thats his super hornet in the photo 🙂

I made a frittata for dinner- best way to use up all the leftover roast veggies, and have a vegetarian meal!

Milk Arrowroot IMG_4915 IMG_4917

Today has been fairly quiet. I took the kids to Maccas for a play- and coffee with Miss Kylie and Miss Kathie and all the kids. Then a nice big food shop. Im sure my grocery bill doubles in school holidays!


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