School Holidays

Thank goodness we are having 2 weeks off! Its been a flat out super crazy term, and every one has been sick at some point ( well except me!) So we have moved into relax mode. Kids are loving Netflix 🙂

Quick updates

IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4437 IMG_4450

Mr K- has a great job and has 4 weeks left of year 12! Time goes so quickly. He is loving jiu jitsu, and getting better at driving.

Miss T- also has a new job , and has just started inductions. She is loving it.

Miss Z- received a Diligence award last term for school. She is very studious, as well as participating in choir, and teem vinnies and YCS through school.

The girls are also starting hip hop next term.

Lex- I still can not believe he is off to big school after Christmas. He loves kindy. He has lots of friends, and it seems a birthday party invite every week! He loves to “read” and ride his bike.

Ariana- This girl is my wild child. Super funny. Super cute, Super loving.  She loves going to creche, Ive just stopped her going to daycare as she goes to creche every day, and she was struggling with Daddy being away

Xavier- wow this child is a chunker! 5 months old and weighs in at 8.8kg. Trying hard to crawl, he flips himself over at every opportunity. Eats 3 meals a day. such a happy little man- he rarely cries. just starting to teethe now.

Stormy- is the naughtiest dog in the world! He ripped the screen off the laundry door. He stands in his water bowl, he hits the kids climb all over him, he lays in front of the fridge if you are in the kitchen, and now he’s taken to trying to drink my coffee. he’s the best dog we have ever had!

Eric- well as per usual with the defence lifestyle he is away. Of course this means we have some crisis going on in our house that I wish he was here for- but not to be. He missed fathers day, we managed to have it a little early which was nice. His jet ski is ready to pick up! woohoo. That will make weekends extra fun

Me- I withdrew from nursing and started my PT course, and a diploma of business. Also add in a strength and nutrition class. Love it! Im back working out at the gym 5 days a week, currently 3 weeks in to a 12 week challenge, I need to step up my game  a bit 🙂

Anyway thats about it. Off to drop big ones at the shops and me to gym and littles to creche.

Hope you enjoy your day. I will *try* to update more frequently, since my FB is off at the moment.


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