Back to school part 1

I get to write this in parts because apparently it’s too hard for kids to start school on the same day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Today Miss Zoe started high school. Where has the time gone? She looks very smart in her formal uniform.

My little man also started kindy. I can not believe that in a year he will be in Prep. Time is going way too quickly. We did have a few tears but I know he will be ok. He is my nervous child- but ok when he gets in a routine.

Ariana just wanted photos 😁

Daddy also headed off today for 10 weeks. Fingers crossed baby waits for him to come home. At this stage we have a 5 day window- which you know looks good on paper but since I’ve gone 37 and 38 weeks for the last 3 it also looks doubtful. Hopefully he can get home for the first weekend in March ……fingers crossed


2015/01/img_0918.jpg is




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