The weekend

The weekend was pretty quiet. Miss T and Miss Z had friends sleep over Friday night. We watched The Fault In Our Stars. It was beautiful but not quite as good as the book. Miss T did cry though!

Saturday I spent most of the day studying and finished my Infection Control unit and WHS. The kids were very helpful- I really do appreciate that. They took the little ones to the playground, and helped with a bit of house work ( ok dishes but that’s something!).

Sunday we watched Blended. Its a little inappropriate for Miss Z – but to be honest I think a bit of it went over her head.

If you haven’t seen it, its got Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in it. The usual crude comedy that Adam Sandler stars in, but it seems to work for him. There were certainly some laughs. We followed this with a delicious pork roast and perfect roast potato…….sooooooo good!

Took K to the doctors also, of course his foot is infected and he was sent for scans on Monday……but Monday is seriously a whole other post!

Hope your weekend was great.


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