Friday started off normally. Kids were super excited because its Halloween. I know its not an Australian event- and I have plenty of friends that don’t participate, but our neighbourhood was listed in the paper as one of the areas that was open for trick and treating, so why not!

Anyway Friday morning saw the usual kids off to school ( Formal Fridays), 2 excited girls because they were having friends sleep over, and a mummy that needed a few cups of coffee.

Antenatal morning……. BP extremely low (  by the doctors standards. It was 80/60. Mine is normally 90/60). Iron level is low ( 29, should be 50-250) but baby is doing well. No more weight gain in the last 2 weeks ( and yes that’s a good thing because I have put on 13 kg since I left recruits, most of it with this pregnancy, so Im in the healthy range and I know more weight will come on soon). Im also cleared to exercise with restrictions – hooray- finally!!

Came home, put little people in the clam shells because it was 32 deg. Thought to myself, right I will sit down and study. HA!


I get a phone call from the school, and one from Kalyb- both telling me there had been an accident and an ambulance had been called. AGAIN. No this is not the first time he has had an accident at school- Im sure he likes to give me a fright!Quickly headed to the school to meet the paramedics…….

IMG_3962 IMG_3961 IMG_3963

Luckily for Mr K this was only minor- dropped his pencil in art, went to stop it with his foot and it went through his shoe and foot. And thanks so much to a certain person who just messaged to ask if he did it deliberately because theres no way this happens.

Anyway one foot cleaned up and bandaged and he was clear to come home. Lots of ice packs for the swelling, he bumped it and made it bleed twice last night poor kid….. and no trick or treating ( its ok the girls shared)

So Halloween……

IMG_3970 IMG_3971 IMG_3969 IMG_3968 IMG_3967

Aren’t the salt and peppers cute! Mr A refused to be a ninja turtle despite having a costume- he wanted to be a super hero… that would be as we were about to leave….quick made up costume from the girls. Miss A is Iggle Piggle. And got lots of remarks on how cute! So they had fun.

And saving the best news for last. No posting order yet but we do have confirmation of where we are posting to. One super happy mumma here!

Ok time to study while the kids make pancakes!


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