Oops I skipped a day! But its been the usual chaos and madness here.

Last night I finally made the chicken, bacon and avocado salad. Definitely going to be a regular on the menu plan. Yum! The kids left enough for me to have for lunch- luckily.


I received an invitation in the mail to attend Formal Awards Ceremony next week. Apparently Miss T is receiving an award. So Im already a super proud mum- even though we don’t know what for. Last year she received 7 awards for top 10%.

There was more swimming in the clam shells. Confirmation that I received 100% on my last assessment. Much sweary words coming from my mouth as I struggled through protozoa and metazoan. Oh the joys! ( Protozoa is a single celled organism which causes such things as gastro, whilst metazoa is multiple celled organism which is things such a scabies. so now you know too haha)

IMG_3929I had a super cute study buddy whilst I did some of my EC readings.

Today was a little busier.

Picked up this for Mr K


Paid eleventy billion bills. Or so it seems. Whilst I am enjoying seeing the debt levels decrease, my bank balance does not enjoy it so much, and this time of year it seems to be a juggling act.

We did find a driving school which has 3 lesson packs for $99, so that may make a handy birthday present yet.

Miss Z had her school soiree tonight- 2 hours of musical performances. She was in band ( flute), senior choir and musical.

IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3944 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3949 IMG_3952 IMG_3955

That was a long 2 hours, but its lovely to see my girl up on stage smiling.

And I managed to squeeze in another module of EC, and almost finished IC. Big study session tomorrow, if I can get my IC quiz knocked over then that’s the first unit down, which would be great since I have 3 assessments due next week, and Anatomy and Physiology starting also. My head spins some days! You should see the monthly planner.

Halloween tomorrow night- the kids are desperate to trick and treat, plus I have 2 extras staying and we have had the request to watch The Fault In Our Stars. If its like the book then I need tissues handy.

nd a final note. Tonights dinner.Loaded potato salad with chicken skewers. No chicken left. Potato salad almost gone.  Make your potato salad as usual, then fry up bacon and onion, add through and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. Tastes like a baked  potato but better.

Anyway bed time for me, big study tomorrow, plus all the other stuff, and antenatal just to make it a bit more fun- and throw in 35 deg temps and voila- more chaos!

Have a great night x


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