Another hot day so far. I was a bit bummed last night with the lack of power to not make the chicken, bacon and avocado salad ( Thanks pinterest!). Offered to make it for the kids tonight, but they noticed burritos are on the menu plan, so not a chance!

Its another hot day ( only 35 deg c so not quite as hot). So I splurged and went to Bunnings ( free aircon, free wifi and an indoor playground. What else could you ask for!) Anyway I digress- I bought these 2 little beauties. I was tempted to buy one in the shape of the big red car, but at $39 compared to $10.50, the price won.

IMG_3903 IMG_3907 IMG_3911

Miss Z has her high school orientation today. She has gone to the local high school, but hopefully our posting order will come through and I can either accept her place for the school we chose, or find a new one at the other location! I can not believe that next year I will have 3 children in high school, one in his final year ( unless he gets accepted to the Army in the meantime), and one a year off starting Prep/Kindy!

Anyway its lunch time, so better get the littlies something to eat and then throw a movie on for them while I get some study done. Hopefully I can knock off another assessment and finish this unit by the time I go to get the kids ( its over 30 deg so I will be nice and not make them walk).


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